Protect your ears

Hearing is one of our most important senses. Though there are many things out of our control that can leave to devastating hearing loss, we can pick up the responsibility of caring for our ears-and our sense of hearing- to the best of our abilities.
Though hearing sounds such as our favorite music is one of the benefits of being able to use our ears, we can have too much of a good thing. This is why it is especially important to be aware of the damage that can occur to our ears when loud music or sounds are involved.

When Medical News Today first released an article in 2008 on hearing protection, one of the most common themes was protecting ears from “noise induced hearing loss.” Unlike many permanent and progressive types of hearing loss, noise induced hearing loss is generally a painless occurrence and is entirely preventable.

Protecting Your Ears From Noised Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induced hearing loss can occur when:

• Your environment is so noisy that you must yell to be heard
• You have been exposed to sounds over 85 dB for longer than 8 hours
• You have been exposed to 100 dB for more than 15 minutes
• You stand to close to on stage speakers, monitors, or amplifiers


Prevent Hearing Loss With Ear Plugs

Wearing ear plugs or other protective gear is one of the most reliable ways to ensure you will not suffer from noise induced hearing loss at concerts, events, or in other loud environments. Visit here for more information regarding how to protect your hearing, and request a free pair of earplugs for protection.

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