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Synthetic Speech System Developed For Clearer and Better Noises

A software program has been developed by scientists that would alter speech before being broadcast in such a way that the speech would be more audible, clearer and better. Usually, noisy places make it difficult to listen to announcements because of all the background noise. Because of this new research, all public places like railways stations, sports venues and airports that have important announcements to make will have better sound to deliver.

A study was carried out by University of Edinburgh experts in a bid to improve the current synthetic speech technology. They tried to examine the way people perceive and listen to sounds, which components are better heard in places with a lot of noise. They found out that when the place is noisy, people listen to easy words and use them to decipher the rest of the speech.

A mathematic computer program was developed by researchers to analyze speech and improve its overall understanding, keeping people’s perception in mind.

As per the tests, the results were pretty great. This breakthrough could also improve voices in smartphones and Sat-Nav systems. Thus, without turning up the volume (which is never the smart solution), an era of better sound could be heralded.

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