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What are the Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is, in most cases, not sudden. It progresses gradually over time for most adults. It is often the case that hearing loss is ignored. People tend to blame others when they cannot hear something or someone properly. They attribute their own hearing loss to others’ speech. However, it is often friends and family who take note of hearing loss in people.

The immediate reaction to hearing loss is denial or ignoring the problem. What is important to mention is – this can worsen the problem further. For old people, the loss is obvious because of age but even youngsters and children can display signs of hearing loss. The following is a checklist to go through if you or someone you know might be facing trouble hearing what others say –

• How to Tell if You Have Hearing Loss – Below is a list of questions and if your answer to most of these is ‘Yes’, then you might be facing hearing loss –

¬ Do you often ask other people to repeat what they just said?
¬ Do you find it difficult to hear when you are in a group?
¬ Do you often think that others are mumbling?
¬ If someone is behind you, do you fail to hear what they are saying?
¬ Do you often turn up the volume on the car radio or the television?
¬ Is it difficult for you to talk and understand the other person on the phone?
¬ Do you often fail to hear your alarm clock go?
¬ Do movies, noisy parties and restaurants make you nervous?

There are many types of hearing damage and if you feel that you might be experiencing these symptoms, it is best to consult a specialist and get a hearing test. The sooner you catch it, the better it is for you.

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