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What is a Hearing Loop?

Hearing loop is also known by the names of loop, audio loop and audio induction loop. It is one of the most easy to use technologies that are available to people with hearing problems.

There is a t-switch on the hearing device that you use and in order to use the hearing loop, you need to flip it on. There is no requirement for additional instruments for this. This method is extremely easy, cost effective and unobtrusive as well.

• Hearing Loop – The hearing loop technology uses electromagnetic signals and the telecoil in the cochlear implant or the hearing device. Basically, the loop or the wire goes around the entire room and connects to the sound system. It then transmits the electromagnetic sound from the system and sends it directly to the telecoil.

• Telecoil – The telecoil is inherently a wireless antenna which successfully delivers customized sound to the person wearing the hearing aid or cochlear implant. Most hearing aids have a telecoil, which is nothing but a copper coil that is small in size. Landline telephones and certain cell phones come with a telecoil as it is required by law for them to have one.

If you are using a hearing aid that comes without a telecoil, a headset can be plugged into the loop and thus, the same effects can be achieved.

Because of the hearing loop technology, many people have experienced a better life. The background noise is completely eliminated because of this technology. It brings the listener closer to the source sound and establishes a direct connection between the two.
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Hearing loop is not the only technology that is available out there. There are different types of hearing aids that you can explore as well.

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